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Major companies of green power

Energy investors


Leading experts and senior scholars


International and domestic government department and relevant association
·   Relevent department of National Development and Reform Commision
·   Relevent department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technolocy
·   National Energy Administration
·   Zhuhai Municipal Goverment
·   Relevent and subordinate department of China Electricity Council
·  China Intelligent Transportation Association
·  China Energy Internet Alliance
·  Local Smart Grid Alliance
·  EuropElectro
·  SmartGrid GB
·  NRW


Power supply company
·  State Grid Corp
·  China Sothern Grid Corp
·  China Huaneng Group Corp
·  China Datang Group Corp
·  China Huadian Group Corp
·  China National Power Group Corp
·  China National Nuclear Corp 
·  China Three Gorges Corp
·  Shenhua Group Co., Ltd,. 
·  State Nuclear Power Technology Co.
·  Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd,
·  Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Company Co., Ltd
·  North China Electric Power University
·  China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd.
·  China Energy Construction Group Co,. Ltd
·  State Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd
·  Inner Mongolia Electric Group Co., Ltd.

·  The local power company

Study design institutes
·  Equipment suppliers
·  Electricity Users
·  Industry users: Coal mine,Petrochemical ,Salt chemical engineering,Metallurgical,Elecronics,Machine manufacturing,etc.

·  Social users: Government office,International Organization,Radio and Television, Telecom, Water supply plant, Airport, Railway,Hospital, Large-scale hotel, Shopping mail, Sport stadium

Financing Institution

Professional media

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